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Served as Telecom Manager for the Smart Homes Community" prototype), a project sponsored, in part, by the FannieMae Foundation. Project focuses on the development of and deployment of a hybrid fiber coax grid for implementation of various human resource services, including distance learning and telemedicine.


Such services are to be underwritten, in part, by the development of a competitive local access and resell service for various telecom based services, including telephony, video (wireline & wireless cable, and DBS), data (and internet) as wall as an electric grid for load management and, as appropriate, new competitive interface.


Devised and directed company development, strategy, and structuring of seed funding for various FCC license auctions, including broadband PCS.


Personally engineered a successful strategy for cellular applications which resulted in ownership interests in the markets of Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Houston and Detroit.


Personally served as lead counsel to numerous U.S. cities on cable television franchising/refranchising (including Los Angeles, CA and Washington, DC).


Personally served as lead counsel in numerous telephone rate proceedings.


Personally served as lead counsel in various CATV proceedings in numerous U.S. Federal Appellate Courts.




Personally advised and/or consulted with numerous communications officials (both public and private) in various countries, on behalf of the United States Information Agency, including: Algeria (Privatization) Brazil (DBS/Informatica); Canada (telephone issues and transborder data); Denmark (DBS/Advertising); Greece (cellular and other mobile services/New World Information Ordar); Kenya/Tanzania (General Telecom and international negotiations); Nigeria (New World Information Order); former Yugoslavia (videotext and tslctext); and Belize <protection of intellectual property).


Represented the U.S. Government, under contract, in negotiations and development of accords with various Caribbean Governments in connection with the Caribbean Basin Initiative.



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