Curtis T. White holds a J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center, with further graduate studies in tax law at the same institution. He is a former adjunct professor of communications law at Georgetown, and has recognized expertise in the areas of domestic and international communications matters, private licensing, corporate finance and joint venture/multi-party negotiations.


A summary of professional activities includes:


Extensive telecom licensing and company development experience, with particular emphasis on advanced technology and emerging markets, covering such services as broadband technology, wireless telephony and data, mobile and fixed satellites, cable (wireless and wireline) and broadcast;


Direct experience in serving as Telecom Manager (President/ Project Manager) for telecom projects, and demonstrated ability to raise seed capital for telecom ventures;


Broad technical understanding of new technology systems, and proven ability to address regulatory issues arising out of competition in historically monopolistic telecom markets;


Record of accomplishments in cable and telephone regulation, with special emphasis on local regulatory proceedings;


Experienced in developing joint ventures (both in the private sector and public/private partnerships) with special emphasis on the telecommunications/information industries;


Extensive experience in the representation of governmental and private sector organizations in international negotiations for use of and licensing the use of new technology systems;


Ability to handle complex business negotiations and structure terms of reference for multi-party accords;


Recorded experience in the negotiation of international accords between governments, both bi-lateral and multi-lateral; and


Significant experience in advising and consulting with foreign government officials in various business and regulatory matters, including financing, privatization, joint ventures and data trade issues.


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